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Environmental Care

We believe in building a better world. We believe in better processes, tools and technology to help you live and work in a better world too.

Wherever we can, we introduce environmentally sustainable practices to ensure that your children and their children's children can enjoy the world we share together.

Some of the key things we do to practice what we believe in:

  • We employ local people
    None of our highly skilled employees live outside a 20 mile radius from our forge. 

  • We source ethically
    We source our raw materials from suppliers who share our values and care as much as we do about the world we live in.

  • We recycle as much as we can
    All of our solid pewter handles and hardware are fully recyclable. There is zero waste in our production cycle, with any metal shavings, cuttings or non fit for purpose being melted down and returned into our production process.

  • We operate a strict internal recycling policy
    Any paperwork, packaging and other recyclable materials are sorted at disposal and recycled as appropriate.

Manufacturing for the Environment

The manufacturing process that we use relies on the latest technology and unique techniques to produce high quality products with minimum disturbance to our environment.

Our offices and warehouse mirror our production processes. We use a virtually paper-free system to process orders around the factory and pack using recycled materials.

We recognise the need for sustainable development and aim to continually reduce our environmental effects. In order to achieve this we will:-

  • Incorporate environmental issues into our decision making process
  • Share environmental/green practices with our suppliers
  • Educate all staff on our environmental responsibilities
  • Promote waste minimisation
  • Co-operate with government and regulatory bodies

In a world of global manufacturing we have a duty to do what we can, where we can, however small this may be.

Being located in the stunning Durham countryside reminds us of our duty to the environment each and every day.

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