Are Pewter Handles Suitable For Coastal Properties?

Pewter by the sea

Not all pewter handles are suitable for coastal areas.

The reason why pewter handles may or may not be suitable depends on whether or not the handle is actually solid pewter or is a sub-standard pewter plated on steel or iron.

If your handle is made from solid pewter, as all of ours are, then yes, it will be suitable for use in coastal areas. Our fine English pewter is made right here in County Durham from a mixture of metals that offer complete protection against the oxidising process that causes rust and corrosion when near the coast.

If the handle has been made from steel or iron, on the other hand, and then coated with a thin layer of pewter to create a ‘pewter effect’, there is a good chance that over time, your handle will experience rust and corrosion as the combination of general wear and tear and salt air and wind breaks down the thin layer of pewter coating.

Once the coating has been breached, the iron or steel beneath will start to rust and this will eventually break through into the handle, spoiling its looks whilst making the handle more brittle.

It’s also very important to be cautious about ‘pewter effect’ handles, which aren’t actually pewter at all but are made from another base metal such as iron or steel and are made to look like pewter.

When buying pewter handles for use in a coastal area, be sure to check the base metal and whether or not the pewter is real, a thin layer or solid. Don’t buy anything other than solid pewter if you live in a coastal area.

Of course, all of our handles are 100% solid English pewter making them a fantastic option to create a period finish when you live near the coast.

It’s also still a bit of a secret and is sure to attract admiring glances from your neighbours and friends.

See the entire range of external pewter door hardware suitable for coastal regions here.

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