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How To Clean And Care For Natural Pewter Handles

To help maintain the stunning, natural finish of solid pewter door handles, follow our easy care and maintenance guide below.

The Finesse range of luxury door handles are handmade from solid, genuine pewter to produce a stunning, natural finish. This is not to be confused with cheaper alternatives – often described as ‘pewter patina’ or ‘pewter effect’ – whereby a cheaper base metal is coated to mimic the finish of genuine pewter.

Caring for Internal Pewter Door Handles

We recommend cleaning internal pewter door handles every 3-6 months with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Caring for External Pewter Door Handles

When used externally, pewter door handles should be cleaned more frequently to maintain the product’s original, natural finish.

If installed within close proximity to the coastline, small white deposits may begin to appear on the surface of the handle – this is a reaction to the high salt content in the air and does not damage or weaken the surface in any way. To reduce this reaction, please clean your pewter door handles frequently with warm soapy water.

If left longer than the stated period, pewter door handles may begin to develop a natural dark patina. To restore the product’s natural finish, please apply a light coat of nonabrasive metal polish such as ‘Brasso’ and buff vigorously to dry to a shine.

We strongly recommend against the use of industrial cleaners and solvents when cleaning pewter door handles. This will cause irreversible damage to the surface and may result in discolouration of the product.

For more information, please view our Finesse care and maintenance guide. If you have any questions regarding your Finesse pewter door handles, please contact our customer service team on 01207 593528.