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How To Clean And Care For Natural Pewter Handles

To help maintain the natural finish unique to our solid pewter hardware, you should clean your handles every 3 to 6 months with warm very mild (1%) soapy water and cloth dry. 

For Pewter left longer than this period or that has darkened a lot, apply a light coat of 'Brasso' and buff vigorously when dry to a shine. Repeat the process if required. 

Do not under any circumstances use solvent cleaners or household polishes or aerosols as these will cause irreversible damage to the Pewter surface which will absorb the solvent and permanently discolour. 

Internal handles will only require an occasional wipe with warm soapy water and buff dry.

Swirl Pewter Door Knob on Rose Three Quarter


When externally exposed to extreme weather conditions, Pewter will not rust but a dark Patina will begin to develop. In extreme locations some small dots of white deposit can develop on the surface. This process will vary with climate and air quality and is normal in this material.

Genuine Pewter is a naturally porous material that will develop its own natural patina over time. Frequently used handles will darken slightly quicker but this is perfectly normal. 

If your preference is for a factory finish then refer to the section above for some basic cleaning tips. 


We would however advise that if installed externally within 15 Miles of a coastline the high salt content might cause in certain conditions the factory finish to darken more quickly than otherwise expected in natural conditions and small white dots to appear. This is a reaction to the salt content in the air and not a corrosive action, it will not weaken or damage the surface it is just aesthetic. 

The cleaning protocol given in our Care & Maintenance section above will lesson this reaction and remove it in most cases if repeated every 3 - 6 months.


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