The Beauty of Pewter

What is Pewter?

Pewter is a precious metal consisting of 91% tin, 7.5% antimony and 1.5% copper. The attractive metal is known for its ageless and lustrous qualities and makes for a great decorative accessory in the home.  

All Finesse products are handmade from solid pewter to offer durable, high-quality products made from the finest materials. This is not to be confused with cheaper alternative metals which are coated to mimic the finish of genuine pewter – also known as pewter effect or pewter patina.

What Colour is Pewter?

Pewter offers a mid-silver finish with warm blue tones to bring a warm and inviting feel to the home. The material is often described as having a rustic, authentic finish which complements period properties perfectly or brings a contrasting style to modern homes.

Genuine pewter darkens beautifully over time, however the products original finish can be restored by simply applying a light coat of Brasso metal polish and buff vigorously to a shine.

Can Pewter Be Used Externally?

One of pewters many unique properties is its exceptional performance in external and coastal environments. All Finesse products have been independently salt spray tested to BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5 and offer complete protection against rust and corrosion.

How Do You Care For Pewter Products?

We recommend Finesse pewter products to be cleaned with warm soapy water and buff dry with a soft cloth. Please do not use solvent cleaners or household polishes to clean Finesse products – harsh chemicals may cause discolouration and irreversible damage to pewter.

Browse the range of Finesse pewter cupboard handles, door hardware and window furniture below:

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Door Handles

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Window Hardware

Pewter window espagnolette handles in two stunning designs.