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When you have a problem with something you've bought online, it can be frustrating if the only recourse you have is to complete an anonymous contact form to raise your complaint.

We don't make you do that. We want to hear your problems and we want to resolve them.

That's why if you have a serious problem or complaint, you can raise it personally with our actual real life people (and they are people remember, just like you so please be nice!) by calling us on 01207 593528.

It is not in our interests to avoid your complaint or fail to resolve it. Please remember though that we are a small local family business and it is also not in our interest to be out of pocket when problems are not our fault.

If you are respectful and pleasant, we'd be happy to help solve whatever problem you are facing and will go over and above to leave you with a lasting, positive experience.

To raise a formal complaint:

  • Contact us on 01207 593528 or email with your order reference and detailed explanation of your complaint.
  • Please explain what the problem is and give us a suggestion about how you would like us to resolve the complaint.
  • We will respond as soon as we are able (but no later than two working days) and confirm receipt with what we plan to do to resolve the issue.


If you have a general enquiry, please feel free to give us a call or send an email to

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