Locks & Latches sale products. Limited time offers on latches, locks, bolts, escutcheons and thumbturns. Metal lock and latch sale products from The Handmade Handle Company. Reduced price, limited lacks & latches offers across ranges. Limited range of finishes.

Quality metal locks and latches on sale, traditional, contemporary and modern designs, strictly limited.

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Bean End Thumb Latch – Black Beeswax

Bean end thumb latch for internal doors

Fishtail Bolt – Black Beeswax

Fishtail bolt in a black beeswax finish. Suitable for internal use only.

Square Thumbturn – Black Beeswax

Squared thumbturn for internal doors

Knob Bolt – Black Beeswax

Internal knob bolt in a straight design

Round Escutcheon – Black Beeswax

Uncovered, round escutcheon in a beeswax black finish