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Our handcrafting process starts with design. Before our ironmongers can bring the finest pewter handles & knobs to life for you to enjoy, they need inspiration from our designers.

We have a small team of in-house designers who carefully and tirelessly create new designs to bring your home to life. Mostly, they draw their inspiration from the beautiful countryside and surrounding areas of County Durham, England, where our forge is located, but they have been known on occasion to go a bit rogue.

It is this loyalty to our region combined with the rare and fleeting brilliance of rebelling from the ordinary and taking inspiration from further afield that keeps our products beautiful and your home memorable.

Design and Tooling

Traditionally, all of our designs were hand drawn with master patterns being hand made before moulding and casting into Pewter.

Now, with the aid of state of the art 3D design and rapid prototyping software and machinery, we are able to create beautifully hand designed products at scale and in much finer quality.

The investment has been a revalation; allowing us to remain competitive in the UK marketplace whilst keeping a talented, local, British workforce employed.

Designs are only as good as the people that manufacture them.

We are lucky to employ many skilled artisans, whose eye for detail is essential in producing our products.

Our aim is simple; to provide fine handmade door and window hardware that is beautiful, functional and good for the planet.


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