To make sure you buy the right door handles for your doors and avoid the hassle of having to repackage and return the wrong ones, you need to know whether you need right or left handed handles.

All of our door levers are supplied in pairs as standard and in most cases, it doesn't matter which way you intend to hang the handle because you can simply rotate the lever to the correct position when you're fitting it.

However, for more elaborate designs like the hand forged black steel Stonebridge Curl handle, you do need to know whether the handle is right or left-handed.

This is especially important for external doors as the screws holding the lever to the door need to be on the inside of your property for security. This stops the possibility of someone unscrewing the handle on your door and being able to manipulate the lock to gain entry to your home.

How To Tell If You Need a Right or Left-handed Door Handle

If you stand to the outside of your door and the hinge is on your right then you would need a right-handed handle. If the hinge is to your left then you need a left-handed handle.

Do You Need Left-hand or Right-hand Door Handles?

You can see in the images above (kindly sent to us by some of our lovely customers) that the handle on the first door (left image) would be a left-handed handle because from the outside the hinge would be on your left.

In the second image (right image) this door would require a right-handed handle.

Still Not Sure Which Handle You Need?

If you're still not sure which handle you need for your door, don't be afraid to give us a ring on +44 01207 593528 where we'd be glad to help.

We've been making handmade handles in Northern England for over 20 years now and our very experienced local staff would love the chance to put their tools down and talk to someone for 5 minutes instead!


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