If you are thinking about giving your kitchen a fresh new look but don’t want to commit to a full redesign, there is no better way to achieve this than by swapping out your old handles for some brand new handmade Pewter handles.

As the only surviving pewter handle manufacturer left in the UK, (and members of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers no less!) we do have quite a large range of handles to choose from and making sure you get the right size for your cabinets can sometimes be a cause of anxiety.

This guide will help you feel better in two distinct ways:

  1. We will show you how to correctly measure your cabinet handles.
  2. We will introduce you to our 'Sample Order' offer; whereby if you want to order any of our handles as a sample, you are more than welcome to do.

Our handles come in many different sizes and styles to suit your discerning taste. Knowing which handle will fit in place of your old one can be a little tricky though because how handles are described and measured is often trade-centric, rather than focussed on you.

We want to change that.

How to Measure Kitchen Cabinet Handles Correctly

To correctly measure a kitchen cabinet handle, open the door with the handle you want to replace and look for the 'fixing screws' on the inside. Measure the distance between the two screws from the centre of each screw. This will give you your 'fixing centres' and is the measurement you need when buying your new handles.

Our handles are all listed with a measurement appended to the title. This measurement is the 'fixing centre', NOT the total length.

How to Measure Kitchen Cabinet Handles Correctly

You will see the 'fixing centre' measurement listed against all of our Cup Handles, Pull Handles and Bar Handles.

This isn’t how long the handle is but is the measurement between the screws used to fix the handles to your kitchen cabinets.

So where the handles are listed with 96mm, 128mm and 160mm these are the distances between the screws but the handle design means the overall length is longer than this.

Our Loxton collection is a good example of where this can get confusing:


We try to include actual drawings with each of our handles so that you can see the exact measurements before you buy.

By following the instructions above, you can safely measure the fixing centres of your handles and use the filters on our website to show you only the handles that match the fixing centres you need.

With that out of the way, where you go from here is entirely up to you, we have traditional and modern designs to suit all tastes.

Buy Our Handles Safely With Our Sample Offer

Even when you know the exact fixing centre you need, you can still get yourself in a muddle over which design you like best. Don't worry, we have a solution for that too.

We fully encourage you to buy a sample handle first before you place your full order.

To do this; simply add 1 of each handle you want to see in person to your basket and place your order as normal.

Once you've received your handles and chosen the one you like best, give us a ring on +44 01207 593528 or send an email to sales@thehandmadehandlecompany.co.uk and tell us you want to place your full order.

If your full order contains 10 or more handles, we will refund (credit) you the cost of your initial sample handle!

Still Not Sure Which Handle You Need?

If you're still not sure which handle you need, don't be afraid to give us a ring on +44 01207 593528 where we'd be glad to help.

We've been making handmade handles in Northern England for over 20 years now and our very experienced local staff would love the chance to put their tools down and talk to someone for 5 minutes instead!


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