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Help is share the beauty of pewter

Help Us Share The Beauty of Pewter

Help us share the beauty of pewter by sending us pictures of your new pewter handles and win yourself a case of luxury wine.

Posted on Jun 16 2020

How to correctly measure kitchen cabinet handles thumbnail

How To Measure Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Learn how to correctly measure your kitchen cabinet handles and freshen up your kitchen without the expense of a fitting a whole new kitchen.

Posted on Apr 20 2020

How to Clean and Care for Natural Pewter?

How To Clean And Care For Natural Pewter Handles

To help maintain the natural finish unique to our solid pewter hardware, you should clean your handles every 3 to 6 months with warm very mild (1%) soapy water and cloth dry.

Posted on Feb 11 2020

Is Pewter Safe to Use in Kitchens?

Are Pewter Handles Suitable for Kitchens?

Pewter kitchen handles are the perfect choice if you want to create a vintage, antique look throughout your home. Pewter won't rust, fade or corrode, making it unique amongst precious metals for kitchen cabinet furniture.

Posted on Jan 27 2020

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